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We are a technology transfer company that aims to transfer the latest technology in various fields of  our interesting from the world to our country and We have a long-term vision to make it up to date with the latest developments in technology.

The company's employees have higher academic degrees and experienced in communications, electronics, networks, information technology and aerospace engineering, This allows the company can works in many technological fields that serve the citizen and raise the level of the country's economy.

URUKsys was founded on the principles of simplicity, smarts, and sustainability.


Our company is well aware Our country's needs for advanced technology in the various fields of life so we strive to promote our country in order to make life smart, simplicity, safe, reduce the waste of natural resources and achieve a clean environment. URUKsys provides intelligent solutions for the various difficulties facing government sectors or the private sector, also provide training opportunities for university students, incubation and promotion of their ideas.

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