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We are a technology transfer company that aims to transfer the latest technology in various fields of  our interesting from the world to our country and We have a long-term vision to make it up to date with the latest developments in technology. 

URUKsys was founded on the principles of simplicity, smarts, and sustainability.


Our company is well aware Our country's needs for advanced technology in the various fields of life so we strive to promote our country in order to make life smart, simplicity, safe, reduce the waste of natural resources and achieve a clean environment. URUKsys provides intelligent solutions for the various difficulties facing government sectors or the private sector, also provide training opportunities for university students, incubation and promotion of their ideas.

  • Satellite Technology

  • GIS & GPS Applications

  • Renewable Energy

  • ​Robotic Systems

  • ​Surveillance& Security

  • ​Communication & Network

  • ​Hobbies Store​

  • Embedded System

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satellite technology

URUKsys can deliver advance satellite technology solutions to clients . URUK’S multidisciplinary research is founded in deep knowledge and technical expertise in these field.

URUK extensive plans offers almost every brand of service for every satellite communications equipment in the industry. Our skilled team of experienced technicians are standing by to help find the right service for your unique need.

gis & gps applications

URUKsys provides GPS-GIS services to private and public sectors  in both security and civil applications. We can assists these sectors in different fields like ( Fleet Tracking system, supplying high resolution Satellite images , city planning, Electric , water network and Oil & gas networks .. etc.

renewable energy

Our company is interested in the introduction of renewable energy technology through the use of solar panels to produce electric power because of the country's natural energy sources significantly, and the company has the possibility of processing the private and public sectors of power production systems, street lighting, home use, traffic signal systems, as well as we can utilized the latest satellite and aerial imagery to most accurately place our renewable generation and transmission to assist the need of utilizing new forms of power generation.

robotic systems

URUKsys has the ability to provide robotic technology to serves fields of (Agriculture , Industry  , universities labs.. etc)

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smart monitoring solutions

Smart monitoring solutions are one of the main priorities of our company to introduce this technology to various sectors to reduce the waste of energy and achieve a smart environment in fields of    Oil, Agriculture and Industry.

Embedded systems

The staff of URUK sys has the ability to build electronic devices and equipment in the field of smart control as well as programming electronic boards and building a control center for data analysis, and the possibility of building applications within the android & IOS systems.

Communication & Network

Our service includes supplying & executing of    telecommunications, computer networking and radio/satellite communication. Data communication usually requires existence of a transportation or communication medium between the nodes wanting to communicate with each other, such as copper wire, fiber optic cables or wireless signals.

Hobbies Store

The company provides electronic devices and equipment used to develop the skills of students and amateurs in engineering and software programs which can be invested in the projects of universities students and laboratories to promote and develop the scientific reality and improve the scientific environment, and the processing of the private sector all the needs of electronic requirements.

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